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Death Information System
SSN Validation
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Welcome to COMSERV, the industry leader for reputable Fraud Prevention and investigative solutions.

COMSERV takes great pride in offering a wide array of quality professional products and services to satisfy our customers' fraud, waste and abuse prevention, debt collection, compliance, actuarial, and cost recovery requirements. Our business model encompasses quality, integrity, dependability, security and accountability. For over 35 years, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage has been our goal and drives our success. In all fairness, and cutting right to the chase, you just don't know how good COMSERV performs unless you give us a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our premier death validation and social security number validation investigation products and services utilize the industry's most comprehensive, accurate, verified information. These products and services provide the capability to accurately and verifiably determine if a person is deceased and validate the integrity of any social security number.

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